At Fastgas, every member of our team shares the same priority: the customer. With that shared commitment to service and to one another, the Fastgas team members stay for the long term, building relationships with customers and with each other. It’s no wonder that Fastgas feels a lot like a family.
Ron Bachman image

Ron Bachman

President, Owner

Email: Ron@stjoepetroleum.com
Employed with Fastgas Since: 1992
Business Philosophy:
Providing our customers with the best products and services in a timely, economical, and satisfactory way by “treating our customers the way we’d like to be treated”.

Beth Bachman

Vice President, Owner

Email: Beth@stjoepetroleum.com
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2002
Business Philosophy:
I strive to follow the Golden Rule, to treat others the way I’d like to be treated. (Luke 6:31).

Robin Caton

Director of Retail Operations

Email: Robin@stjoepetroleum.com
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2015
Business Philosophy:
To appreciate and respect our employees and customers, and establish a positive environment for all to thrive.

Jeff Bachman

Jeff Bachman

Retail Operations Manager

Email: jeff@stoepetroleum.com
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2022
Business Philosophy:
To create a positive environment that brings the best out of employees and makes customers want to come back.

Amanda Gann

District Manager

Email: pv@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 1998
Business Philosophy:
To give fantastic customer service through friendly faces and great teamwork.

Donna Ritzinger

Manager at Belt & Pickett

Email: be@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2001
Business Philosophy:
To work together with my team to make sure our customers are a priority and make them feel special.

Dora Ritzinger

Manager at Riverside

Email: ri@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2002
Business Philosophy:
To build my employees up and to have a great atmosphere in the store that customers and employees want to come back to.

Ashley Paxton

Ashley Paxton

Manager at St. Joseph Avenue

Email: av@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2015
Business Philosophy:
Your smile is your “logo”. Your personality is your “business card”. How you leave others after an experience with you becomes your “trademark”. It’s about a unique experience with each customer. As a team, we strive to provide fast, friendly and clean service with a smile! If we can make just one person’s day better, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Amanda Norris

Amanda Norris

Manager at 22nd & Olive

Email: ol@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2014
Business Philosophy:
To create a culture of togetherness and belonging where all are welcome. My team and I aim to exceed customers expectations and go above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service while being friendly, fast and upholding a clean store inside and out.

Tracy Embrey Portrait

Tracy Embrey

Manager at 38th & Mitchell

Email: fg@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2019
Business Philosophy:
Appreciate your team and build them up. Know your customers, grow within yourself and always stay positive! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Kathy Bell manages the Fastgas fuel station in Wathena, Kansas.

Kathy Bell

Manager at Wathena

Email: wa@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2014
Business Philosophy:
Happy and satisfied customers and employees are the keys to success. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

Fastgas has a great team of employees, including Autumn, ready to great you at your nearest gas station location.

Autumn Spaeth

Manager at I-29 & Frederick

Email: in@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2018
Business Philosophy:
We strive to bring every customer a positive experience with fast, clean and friendly service. Getting to know your customers is the best way to run a successful business.

Nicole Little

Nicole Little

Manager, Fresh Fare

Email: ff@stjoepetroleum.com
Employed with Fresh Fare Since: 2015
Business Philosophy
To provide fresh, quality food at fair prices. 

April Johnson image

April Johnson

Manager at Stewartsville

Email: st@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2021
Business Philosophy:
Treat everyone how you want to be treated and value all patrons. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Nothing worthwhile comes easily.

Chris Grable Portrait

Chris Grable

Manager at Platte Valley

Email: pv@fastgas.us
Employed with Fastgas Since: 2014
Business Philosophy:
To provide friendly service and work as a team.


To provide top-tier fuels for your vehicles and quality service and products in our stores.


We would like to be your number one, go-to convenience store in St. Joseph.


Great customer service
Family-friendly environment
Good community member